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Upgrade your old downlights to LED and reduce your electricity costs and fire hazards.

Upgrading exisiting halogen 50w to new 9w LED Downlights can save hundreds of dollars per year and are much safer than halogen due to the heat emitted and therefore a higher chance of fire.

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Ted tests and tags, does new builds and renovations, tv and antennas and solar system installations.

6.6kw system on a single story building - clean and basic check from $100

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Switchboard Upgrades

A Switchboard is a system that operates your everyday appliances, lighting, cooktop, heavy machinery, motors, hot water systems and more, without a safe system, you could be exposing yourself from an accident that could happen at any time.

Powerpoints & Switches

We are specialists in powerpoint (or general purpose outlet) installation so that you can get convenient access to power, wherever you need it. We also specialise in powerpoint repairs and powerpoint replacement. Are you getting frustrated at the lack of powerpoints around your home or business?

LED Lighting Install

Looking at upgrading your existing lighting design? Installing LED lights can be accomplished quickly and easily. We can install dimming switches to create mood lighting for the best ambience in your home.

Smoke Alarm Install

Need a smoke alarm installed or not sure if yours is working? Get us out there to test for your peace of mind. Fire alarms and smoke detectors are required by law in your home and office. They have been made mandatory by all local authorities because they save lives.

Ceiling Fan Install

How about a fresh breathe of air in the living or bedroom? Keep cool with our ceiling fan installations! With energy bills rising it would be wise to introduce cost effective measures to your home. One way to do this is by installing a ceiling fan. The air in the room is kept circulating by the fan making it feel either warmer or cooler.

Security Lighting

Outdoor Security lighting is proven to be one of the most effective methods of deterring criminals. Statistics show that well-lit properties are less likely to attract crime because it exposes the criminal to being seen by others.

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